Conditions of Tenancy

The tenant shall keep the allotment free from weeds and well manured and maintained in a proper state of cultivation.

The tenant shall not use the water supply by means of hosepipe, sprinkler or other automatic watering device.

The tenant shall maintain the division path(s) 42 cm wide as defined in the plan attached to their tenancy agreement.

No dwelling house, shed, greenhouse, fowl house, pig sty or other building shall be erected without the written consent of the council.

The tenant shall keep bonfires to a minimum and will ensure that the bonfire is attended by a responsible person at all times.

During the months of April to September bonfires are banned on the allotment sites.

The tenant shall not use bonfires or other waste disposal facilities which may be provided for any rubbish other than that generated on the allotment site.

This agreement shall be terminated under the following conditions:-

By one month's notice in writing to the tenant at his last known place of abode if it appears to the Council that the tenant, not less than three months after the commencement of the tenancy as failed to observe the condition in respect of his allotment or the tenant ceases to be resident in Nailsea.

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